A Young Heart


Door: Alejandro Vargas

A Young Heart

Jonge Harten has reached its grand finale. It’s hard to believe how all the dreams and aspirations, days of planning and logistics, art installations and performances have become warm memories. These lines aim to briefly narrate the journey of a heart as it goes through this amazing festival, the motivations to challenge itself to play, becoming younger in the process.

Our daily routine allows us to live one life, the everyday life. Theater allows us to experience a thousand lives, the unpredictable life. I can only describe the moment as “magical” when the audience sits still in their seats, waiting for a world to unfold in front of them. The actors have the power of guiding you into this world, into a make-believe-game of sorts with different rules, where logic must not always prevail and instead experimentation and playfulness may take place. The possibilities are realized according to what they need to tell you, to the different perspective they wish to share.

I have the strong belief that looking to the world through all these different points of view provided by theater is a basic intellectual and emotional need. This belief grows stronger with every performance I go, with every point of view I acquire. In this way I feel motivated not only to go to the theater, but to try help make it happen, to bring the very same joy I feel to other people.

In this way I joined Jonge Harten as an international student volunteer. The beginning, as the beginning of any good performance, was full of uncertainty and expectancy to see what would happen. The future was a promise and anything could appear in the road ahead. What I came to discover was dozens of places where I could help. Little tasks, medium works and ambitious projects, it came in many sizes and even colors! And no matter what it would be, I felt happy helping, being useful and working for the big purpose of the festival come true: bring theater, bring a playful life to people!

What made everything fun and possible was the amazing team behind Jonge Harten. I have been to many performances in my life, but never had realized the tremendous amount of work, of human effort it takes to set up everything for that hour, hour and a half of performance. Well beyond the execution of the plays, which were superb, the experience was extremely positive thanks to all the wonderful people I met in the past month and a half.

With some I only stretched hands for a few minutes, with others I shared many hours of my time. Each one has been important in some way, as they all had something to share, something to teach. Theater unites people with so many different backgrounds, and this interplay is simply enriching. I feel grateful towards everyone, the artists, the technicians, the organization, the volunteers, towards all my new friends. Art is life, Jonge Harten is keeping your heart and spirit young. Keep experimenting, always play.

Ons festivalhart

Dit is het hart en de ontmoetingsplek van het festival. Voer hier een goed gesprek onder het genot van een drankje. Ook kun je hier met al je festivalvragen terecht bij het infopunt en kun je kaarten kopen bij de kassa. Het Festivalhart zit aan de Oosterstraat 13a.

Kom gezellig langs voor een kop koffie of een borrel in het café!