Hello International Bloggers!

Door: Jonge Harten

Hello International Bloggers!

It’s that time again, for young theater lovers to come together for nine days of fun-filled artistic exploration! Jonge Harten has been providing thought provoking and experimental pieces of theater for the last 18 years, and this seems to be just the beginning! the theaters of Groningen are filled with variety acts, intense dance pieces, experimental theater, nightly music, and other surprises. There are also works of art scattered throughout public spaces across the city. Basically, during these nine days, it will not be possible to be bored, as there will always be something going on in Groningen! Our two teams of bloggers, both Dutch and International, will be viewing the offerings of the festival all week long and reporting our findings to you! On the Jonge Harten Blog, you will find theater reviews, interviews, opinion pieces, and much more. Additionally, for the first year ever, there will be an international team of bloggers reporting the festival updates in English. Hopefully you will join us on an exciting journey of exploration of the daily events of Jonge Harten. See you at the festival!

Hello! I’m Stacy Karyn, a playwright and theater artist from San Diego, California. As a practitioner with an interest in the unconventional and unique, I am beyond excited for the Jonge Harten Theater Festival! I have a BA degree in Theater from Hunter College, New York City, and have worked as a theater educator in four different countries. I also recently published my first book, Short Plays for Young English Learners. Spreading the “message” of theater, in order to help transform it into an accessible and exciting art form for people of all ages and backgrounds is what drives me. I can’t wait to follow and report on the exciting events of Jonge Harten over the upcoming weeks!

“Hello! I am Alejandro Vargas! Theater is one of my big passions, and it fills an important space in my life. I feel transported to a different world every time I go to the theater. Having lived in Groningen for more than a year I guarantee you the Jonge Harten Festival is one of the coolest things around here. The idea of having packed in few days a big number of presentations is exhilarating. This year I will be blogging about my experience! I hope to share with you my point of view as an internatinal person, make you be intersted and to want see more. Enjoy! ”

“My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them.” This quote from Jack Kerouac summarizes my life. Passion has led me on quests sometimes against reason. One passion that has defined me over and over again is my love for art. I love the creative industry because it gives us (creatures) an opportunity to express the creativity of the creator. My involvement with Jonge Harten Theatre Festival has been an exposure to arts enthusiasts from different persuasions, I have loved every second as part of the International Promo Team. The festival is upon us and it is an honour that I will be blogging around the festival happenings. Pardon my manners hello everyone my name is Ngqabutho Boaz Gumede, you can call me Boaz. I am comfortable calling myself a writer, an actor, a content creator and maybe a poet.



Ons festivalhart

Dit is het hart en de ontmoetingsplek van het festival. Voer hier een goed gesprek onder het genot van een drankje. Ook kun je hier met al je festivalvragen terecht bij het infopunt en kun je kaarten kopen bij de kassa. Het Festivalhart zit aan de Oosterstraat 13a.

Kom gezellig langs voor een kop koffie of een borrel in het café!