Jonge Harten wil je graag op de hoogte houden van de laatste ontwikkelingen.

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Marc Maris is our new general director!

Marc Maris (1987) is the new general director of foundation Jonge Harten, the organisation behind the annual Jonge Harten theatre-festival in Groningen. From the first of December onwards Marga Kroodsma will be succeeded by Marc. Marc grew up in the picturesque Norg (Drenthe), and studied Arts, Culture and Media at…

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We have a new festival heart!

Aah! We’re announcing the new location of our festival heart! This year you can find us at Oosterstraat 7A, here you will meet performers, meet…

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Jonge Harten is looking for you

Do you love to go #offthebeatentrack and want to experience something new? Join Jonge Harten as a promotion team member, vlogger or volunteer. Send an…