What is meaningful to you?

Five actors on a large, empty stage, without costumes or any surrounding scenery are here to tell us nothing (‘niets’). Nietsis based on the prize-winning novel by the same name, by Janne Teller, about a boy who decides that life has no meaning to him. His classmates try to bring him to other thoughts. They start to make a ‘Mountain of Meaning’, by taking turns in parting with objects that are important to them. The friends try to outdo each other with their sacrifices, but things get completely out of hand. This is a story about peer-pressure and searching for the meaning of it all.



Tekst en regie Freek Vielen Dramaturgie Rosa Vandervost Naar een boek van Janne Teller Spel Tim David, Harald Austbø, Elena Peeters, Judith de Joode, Laura Mentink Componist Christiaan Verbeek Scenografie Jozef Wouters Assistent scenografie Céline Van der Poel Lichtontwerp Sander Salden Productie en technische uitvoering De Nwe Tijd & HETPALEIS


There will be a special festival meal, for only € 12,50. Nice, right?! Most days from 17:00 - 20:00 but on the 18th and the 20th of November from 17:00 till 19:00.

A special festival meal every day!

Jonge Harten presents theatre makers who aren’t just good, but often young and unknown.

That is why there is a viewing guide to help you make a fitting choice from our extensive programme.

But pay mind: the viewing guide doesn’t deal in absolute truths. It doesn’t say that a performance is funny. Because how you experience a performance is a subjective thing and what you find funny, someone else might find tragic. That’s (and maybe also to safeguard ourselves a little bit) why you should take the viewing guide with a pinch of salt and use the viewing guide to get an idea of what possible effects the performance may have on you. We have identified four of these effects and each performance is marked with the icon of the effect we think will be the most fitting. And sometimes a second, as a side-effect.


Performances with the heart, of course, are our favourites. They can seize you by the throat. Afterwards, there is a good chance of some added ‘joy du vivre’ and/or a melancholy aftertaste.


Performances with the cloud aren’t easily grasped. They tickle your imagination, they speak to unexplored parts of your brain and make you look at the world in a whole new way.


The performances with the lightbulb are the most concrete of the festival. You can find some new insights into the inner workings of people and the world.


This one speaks for itself. Attention: there is a possibility of anything in between a chuckle and screaming with laughter.

Kom je er toch nog niet helemaal uit? Geen nood: stuur een mailtje naar en vraag om nadere toelichting. Vermeld de titel van de voorstelling en waar je graag meer duidelijkheid over wilt hebben (is dit iets om met mijn vriend/vriendin naartoe te gaan? het is misschien wel grappig maar toch niet vulgair? dat soort vragen). De programmeurs van het festival geven je dan persoonlijk het verlossende antwoord!