In his birth suit…!

Door: Ngqabutho Boaz Gumede

My mind is still boggled and somewhat in denial, but yes: it was a naked artist, no pun intended.  Aneckxander walked on to the stage dressed in a black suit looking executive. For a moment I forgot that I had read the background of this show, seen his naked picture and a paragraph which explains that he performs naked. I will never know what people sitting around me staring at the stage where thinking at that very moment. Gracefully Aneckxander placed down his keyboard on the far left end of the stage and he moved diagonally to the right front part of the stage to place some weird looking shoes together with some gloves. Up to this moment the silence accustomed with western audiences was still prevailing. He went to place a white circular thingy at the back part of the stage a metre or so from the keyboard. Mmmmmh! what is this guy up to really?

Still in his suit that was blending quite well with his white shirt it was only now that I realized, that he was not wearing shoes, ‘did we attend a wrong show?’ I quizzed myself. Silence still prevailing, Aneckxander moved to the far end of the stage and picked up the white sail that was covering part of the stage. I thought he was fixing that part of the sail, I almost looked away but he covered himself and now I was thinking is Aneckxander going to perform magic. He stopped my mental reflexes when he quickly dropped the sail which went down together with his clothes. That moment brought the audience to life with mixed feelings all over the place, giggles, amusement and confusion. I thought I was talkative with people around me but now I was wrong. Yes I am talkative and argumentative but with myself. I continued in conversations with myself, what next we have seen him naked?

I am not quite sure what to call what Aneckxander was doing. It was a mixture of acrobatics, dance and music. Will stay with me for as long as I live, is that he has reflexes that I have never seen before. Also that was the longest neck that I have come across. It seemed like his abilities were some form of a curse that he was trying to free himself from. The uuuhs and aaahs of engagement from the audience were punctuated by exclamations of people relating to his struggle on the stage. His act was more than just being naked but his perseverance despite his condition was an inspiration. The climax of the performance was the moment when he stood with his body freely at an angle of about 45 degrees, at one point with his head close to the ground. You would think he was suspended by strings to be able to that. The crowd could not help but give a befitting round of applause. Aneckxander proved to be a better man and a great teacher; not in a black suit, but in his birth suit.


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