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Jonge Harten 2021

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Jonge Harten 2021

Unfortunately, Jonge Harten 2020 couldn’t go ahead as planned, but we’re happy to announce that this year’s edition will most certainly be taking place. Full speed ahead, as the Future is coming! It’s going to be a special edition. Not only because it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but also because of the outstanding works we’ll be presenting. The programme will be announced on our website from October 15, at 8 PM.

The Future is Coming

The sub-title of this year’s edition is The Future is coming. Because no matter what: the future lies ahead of us. And we can influence what our future will be like. What is it you hope for the future? How do you contribute to this? And how do you relate to the future? Will we continue in the way we used to, when we leave the pandemic behind us, or will we radically change our behaviour?

Does the future feel distant to you, like 100 years from now? Or is tomorrow your future? What emotions do you feel regarding the future, what effect do these emotions have on you and what do you need to be ready for the future? Of course we’ve asked ourselves these questions too. The answer? Imagination. Imagination allows us to dream, to see things in a different perspective and it forces us to continue to ask ourselves questions. Imagination on stage stimulates imagination in our minds.

Especially now

It’s important that our imagination makes it to the stage, especially now. It’s time to start thinking about how we want to continue after the pandemic, what we want to change and how we want to recover. How are we actually doing? And how are you doing? What is it we want to tell the world? And what does the world want to tell us? Which topics should be on the agenda?

All voices count

Everyone has a voice, different opinions, and views, either from an early age, or they might still be in development. We need courage to speak up and to be heard. We need courage, not only to listen to other people’s opinions, but also to receive them. To think about them. To appreciate others who share their opinions. And when we speak up, this doesn’t mean that we can no longer be vulnerable or sensitive, because this vulnerability makes us strong.

Role models

Who are you a role model for? And how do you want to convey your message? Who are your role models? And whose voices should be heard, according to you? Allow our (theatre) makers to guide you in finding your voice and speaking up. Let them be a role model for you during our festival and be inspired.


The Future is coming. Shape it, be it, own.

Jonge Harten 2023

Jonge Harten 2023 Will be from 17th - 25th of November.

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