An alternative start

The festival cannot take place and yet all the energy we have put into it the last months will not be in vain. In the coming week, we would like to share several things with you. We are not there and yet we are!

So this is the result of what the opening of the festival should have been. Young people who make themselves heard. Because of how proud we are of them and how important we think it is to give them a voice in this rapidly changing world. Jonge Harten asked three young people from the city and province of Groningen to each share their own perspective in their own way. Karlijn Benthem from ‘Gebied B’ assisted them in this. Today they would kick off Jonge Harten by sharing their story with you live. Now they take you online to what is important to them. No provided that, no buts, open your ears and listen.

Name: Alex
Age: 18
Place of residence: Groningen
School: MBO account manager

A passionate plea about seeking who you are. Because if you are not yourself, then who are you?

Name: Barbara
Age: 15
Place of residence: Groningen
School: International Transition Class

Barbara would like to eradicate racism. She believes in God and love and believes it should go without saying that men and women should be treated equally. She is looking forward to her twenties because people often call that ‘the time of their life’, she is curious about that.

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Name: Jesse
Age: 17
Place of residence: Musselkanaal
School: VWO 6

A heartfelt cry from Northeast Groningen. About fear of failure and an uncertain future perspective. Because you are not sure if you can live where you would like to stay.