Giveaway: off the beaten track with Jonge Harten & Groningen Airport Eelde

GIVEAWAY: Will you join us off the beaten track? In collaboration with Groningen Airport Eelde we are giving away a long weekend for two persons somewhere into (a for now unknown destination in) Europe. Are you someone who or do you know someone who likes to go on an adventure? Follow us this week on our Instagram account!

From tomorrow until Thursday at 11:00 a question appears on our instagram account. Answers to these question you can find,  with a bit of detective work, on the Jonge harten and Groningen Airport Eelde website  On Thursday we will be somewhere in the city Centre of Groningen. The Exact location we will post on Thursday afternoon. The first one how reaches us with 4 correct answers leaves the next morning with a friend to an adventure

ATTENTION: you’re leaving Friday morning(11th Nov) from Groningen Airport Eelde and are coming back on Monday morning (13th Nov) Click on the link for information and conditions.

What do you have to do?

– Follow Jonge Harten en Groningen Airport Eelde on Instagram
– Find the 4 Correct answers on our websites
– Find a travel buddy to come along
– Pack your bags(Plus Valid passport/ID card)
– Make sure you are the first on to reach us on Thursday

This is what you get from us

–  2x Flytickets from and to the location
–  3x sleepovers for 2 persons in a hostel
–  Bustransport from and to Groningen Airport

What do you have to arrange!

– transport to and from the hostel
– Breakfast,diner and other costs on location
– A travel insurance (Own risk)


  1.  The terms and conditions apply in addition to the game conditions and aply to the “Off the beaten track with Jonge Harten Theaterfestival and Groningen Airport Eeelde”, Named Giveaway from now on
  2. The giveaway is being organized by groningen airport eelde, Machlaan 14a,9761 KT Eelde Named GAE. And Jonge Harten Theaterfesival Stationsplein 3,9726 AE Groningen. Named Jonge Harten
  3. The giveaway is Valid from Sunday 06/11/2016 from 16:00 until Thursday 10/10/2016 18:00
  4. No correspondence about the giveaway
  5.  By participating in the giveaway the participant approves the giveaway conditions, game conditions of GAE and Jonge Harten and the privacy arrangement .


  1. Participants of the giveaway have to be living in/around Groningen.
  2.  Employs of GAE and Jonge Harten are excluded from participating in the giveaway

General rules of conduct

  1.  Participants can not derive any rights or compensation other than have been mentioned in the terms and conditions.  

Manner of participation

  1. To participate in the giveaway the participant has to answer 4 questions on the instagram account of Jonge Harten correctly and reaches the location of the promo team first at 10/10/2016. The exact location will be revealed trough Facebook and Instagram. With  multiple participants a winner will be drawn.
  2. The manner described above is the only way to participate

Prizes and winners

  1. The winner who reaches the Jonge harten promoteam first with 4 correct answers will hear the location of the prize and where he/she will go to with a Friend.
  2. GAE and Jonge Harten will ask for a few necessary question for the prize
  3. The prize includes 2 tickets + 3 nights in a hostel to a sof ar unknow location. Leaving Friday 11th of november from GAE and return trip on y 14th November to GAE. Bustransport from and to GAE sponsored by OV Bureau Groningen
  4. The prize exclude transport on location  and any other cost of transport
  5. The prize is not transmissible and can’t be sold or traded for money
  6. GAE takes care of declaring any gambling tax
  7. GAE and Jonge Harten retain the right to replace the prize with a prize of equal value in cause of unforeseen circumstances

Publication, Publicity and intellectual property

  1. GAE and Jonge Harte may publish a picture of the winner on their Website/facebookpage/Twitterand other socialplatforms
  2. The winner willparticipate in any other publicity of Jonge Harten and GAE as they see fit, No compensation has to be paid by GAE and Jonge Harten

Personal information

  1. Participants make sure all the personal information needed for the giveaway is correct and up to date
  2. The participants agree  that all personal information may be saved and used in the giveaway


  1. GAE and Jonge Harten and any third party hired by them are not responsible for any damages or costs  carrying out the giveaway.
  2. Participants agree that they participate at their own risk
  3. GAE and Jonge Harten are not responsible for any defects to the prize


  1. GAE and Jonge Harten retain the rights to alter/ terminate the giveaway terms as the see fit.
  2. Insofar certain situations are not covered by these terms, both parties will decide on this later.  
  3. On these terms the Dutch Law is applied