Jonge Harten 2020 has been cancelled - Jonge Harten

Jonge Harten 2020 has been cancelled

Unfortunately, the intimate edition Jonge Harten 2020 has been cancelled

Like many of you we watched last week’s corona press conference with bated breath. As we all know, new corona measures have now entered into force so that we can hopefully limit the further spread of the virus. The main aim of these measures is to restrict social interaction.

We’ve been in close contact with our team, with associated festivals, with our partners and with Groningen’s safety region in the past few days, in order to develop a full picture of what might still be possible, and what wouldn’t be. At the same time we have continued to ask ourselves what it is we want and to what extent we can still do what we’re here to do.

It’s important to us that our audience gets to see and experience things from different perspectives. Not only inside theatres but especially in other locations. People will then be able to see the world from a different angle, and we hope that this will contribute to people having more understanding for one another, even when they seem to be very different from each other. We want to bring people together so they can get to know each other, start a conversation and share their experiences. We want this to be a pleasant, safe and welcoming experience. The new measures that have now come into force unfortunately make it impossible for us to maintain the essence of Jonge Harten.

We also believe that it’s important to send out a signal. When our prime minister gave an example of a type of event that should not take place right now, he specifically mentioned ‘theatre festivals’. Even though all the plans we made for Jonge Harten Goes Intimate were corona proof and would only be played for a small audience, we don’t want to push it to the limit. It doesn’t feel right when we’re all expected to do our bit. This concerns a serious virus outbreak, therefor we also believe that it is important that we prevent further contaminations. The advice from Groningen’s safety region also supports our thoughts. It doesn’t feel right to lead our visitors from one end of town to another, to come and see the wonderful shows that we carefully selected for you.

We were very much looking forward to seeing you all, but with pain in our hearts we have to cancel Jonge Harten 2020*. For your safety, as well as that of our team, crew and the makers. Even though Jonge Harten won’t be taking place this year, we remain hopeful for next year’s edition (from 19 till 27 of November).

Take good care of yourself and of each other.

*We will get in touch as soon as possible if you have already purchased tickets for the festival.