Jonge Harten is cancelling the last Saturday of the festival - Jonge Harten

Jonge Harten is cancelling the last Saturday of the festival

We are cancelling part of the program of Jonge Harten. This includes LostWords on Friday evening November 26th and the entire programming of Saturday November 27th.

Saturday November 27, should have been the first edition of a new program line: STAGE. STAGE would be a day in which young people stand on stage, show their work and above all (would be able to) look at others. A place to learn, experiment, imagine and show. A day full of movement. STAGE would kick off on Friday evening with the LostProject talk show LostWords. A talk show where the voices of these young people and young makers are heard and where people start a conversation with each other.

The past 7 days, in which our festival was able to run (almost) completely, were incredibly valuable. And we are very proud of that. However, with the news reaching the world right now, we have had to rethink the STAGE program. We have come to the conclusion that sometimes you have to leave something behind in order to secure the future. We want to face reality and therefore give priority to safety over our great desire to let our imagination come to life in this form on stage.

We are postponing showing our perspective on the future until a later moment. In this way we want to make way for taking care of each other. Of course we understand that this is different for the players than hoped. But we feel encouraged by the many understanding responses from their side.

Tonight and tomorrow there will be regular performances. Performances that stand alone and in their own right give a vision of the future. Of course we take care of the implementation of the current measures. Don’t have a ticket for one of these performances yet? Tickets are still available for the talk by The Culture Counselor, the Stamboom Monologen and Symphony of 21.