Jonge Harten Goes Intimate - Jonge Harten

Jonge Harten Goes Intimate

This year’s edition will be more intimate than previous versions of the festival. But why? And what will this entail? Distancing has been implemented all over the world in the last three months. According to some, 2020 should be ‘mentally cancelled’, because things are too uncomfortable, and maybe they are. But we don’t see any reason to cancel. We want to embrace this uncomfortable year. After all, we appreciate discomfort!

1,5 meter edition?
Did you know that a theatrical experience can only be appreciated from a distance of at least 1,5 metres? You can only recognize theatre when seen from a certain distance. That’s why we consider this edition as a great opportunity. We won’t be placing the audience 1,5 metres apart on a ‘standard’ public gallery, but we will consider distancing as part of the performance. So we’ll be setting things in a new light!

Close by at a distance
We’re trying to come up with ideas on how to get close, while remaining at a distance. Especially when situations are about to burst, we want to bring things closer together. Now, more than ever, it is important to share different points of view, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing during this year’s edition of the festival. Every voice is important and can (or must) be heard. Speaking out and expressing yourself by thinking out loud are intimate manners of exposing yourself. Speaking about placing yourself in a vulnerable position. But don’t worry: every step you take is a good one. Whether it’s large or small: it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a step.

What is your voice?
We want you to feel comfortable when you express your worldviews and when demonstrating the role you play within this world. We want you to feel comfortable when you speak your voice. Every choice you make is important. But don’t forget that you always relate to others. Even when you think that you don’t. It’s up to us to determine how we can make the distance to each other smaller. How can we make one small step together? How can we really get in touch with each other again? This is very important to us! 

It’s all about the details
Let’s not look at what we’re missing out on but, especially now, let’s look at what we do have. Joy can be found in small things, right? From now on we will pay even more attention to detail together, to reflection and to contact with each other. We’ll pay more attention to everyone in particular. We’ll pay more attention to intimacy at a distance.