BITBYBIT - Jonge Harten


MOVEDBYMATTER │ Collectif Malunés

Kalimba Mendes
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  • Duration performance

    75 minutes

  • Credits

    CONCEPT – Simon Bruyninckx, Vincent Bruyninckx & Kasper Vandenberghe | PERFORMANCE – Simon Bruyninckx & Vincent | DIRECTION – Kasper Vandenberghe | DRAMATURGY –  Matthias Velle | INTERNSHIP ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Leon Rogissart | MUSIC – Dijf Sanders | COSTUMES – Johanna Trudzinski |EXTERNAL EYE – choreography – Esse Vanderbruggen | LIGHT: Olivier Duris & Benjamin Eugène | SOUND: Anthony Caruana & Sofia Zaïdi | DIFFUSION – Emma Ketels (je buro) | CO-PRODUCED BY: CIRKLABO/30CC, C – TAKT, Miramiro, KAAP, PERPLX, Perpodium,  Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof, workspacebrussels | RESIDENCIES: workspacebrussels, Miramiro, CAMPO, PERPLX, Jatka78 Praag, Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof | WITH THE SUPPORT OF  De Vlaamse overheid & De Stad Gent en de taxshelter van de Belgische federale overheid

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    Disarmament Need

A balancing act between falling and showing resilience

BITBYBIT combines a classic circus technique (Jaws of Steel) with a visual story about two inseparable brothers (Simon and Vincent Bruyninckx from Collectif Malunés). During the performance that is as vulnerable as it is spectacular, they go through all phases of their relationship together. From conflicted and light-hearted play over careful rapprochement to blind trust and total surrender to each other.

Between their steel jaws they each clamp the end of a rope, which keeps them connected like an umbilical cord. That image is at the same time the starting point for a groundbreaking investigation of form and an exploration of the terrain in which their own self ends and that of the other begins.

The hyperphysical direction (Kasper Vandenberghe of MOVEDBYMATTER) and the blistering soundtrack (Dijf Sanders) make BITBYBIT a balancing act between trial and error. Thanks to the connection that is so intense and unconditional that it can transcend the limitations of our (one and a half meter) society.

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The theme of Jonge Harten 2022 is disarmament. War, conflict, climate crisis and an insatiable appetite for growth make the world an increasingly unsafe place. We hear stories about fear of weapons and violence and the fear of daring to be vulnerable. So there are quite a few challenges in 'our time'. Who has the answers and solutions? We do! Are we going to defend ourselves or do we accept the situation we find ourselves in? And are we going to adapt to the inescapable reality that things have to change? Let's choose our battles! With this edition of Jonge Harten we challenge you to focus on what is really valuable and necessary to you. It is up to you, how you do this.


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It’s important that our imagination makes it to the stage, especially now. It’s time to start thinking about how we want to continue after the pandemic, what we want to change and how we want to recover. How are we actually doing? And how are you doing? What is it we want to tell the world? And what does the world want to tell us? Which topics should be on the agenda?



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