Revolt Laboratorium

Cecilia Moisio in collaboration with Maas theatre & dance and VRIJDAG

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    To be announced

  • Duration

    45 minutes

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    Raise Your Voice

What do you stand for?

Revolt is an interactive protest march. A place where you can express what you think is important. Together with choreographer Cecilia Moisio the members of the youth theatre school VRIJDAG will set up this protest march by addressing topics like racism, global warming, fake news and the collective denial of the truth. But issues like hiding behind a group or being brave enough to stand up will also be tackled. Revolt will be the result, as well as a wake-up-call. It will be a new generation’s reaction to today’s world.

Jonge Harten Goes Intimate

A more intimate edition than you are used to from Jonge Harten. From now on we have even more eye for details, reflection and connection. Even more attention for everyone in particular. Even more eye for intimacy at a distance.

Wanna be intimate?


Jonge Harten offers a diverse program. But where do you start choosing? To clarify things somewhat, we have three main storylines that we are focusing on this year. You can see these lines throughout our program. So that you can easily choose which line suits you best and what you feel like doing at the moment. What are you going for?

Change Perspectives

You see the world through your own eyes every day. If you were to look through someone else’s eyes, it might turn your world upside down, but you might also discover something new.

Extra Intimate

Wanna come even closer? These spicy shows will come closer than you thought was possible right now. They are safe and sexy.

Raise Your Voice

What you have to say is important. The world needs your voice. Raise your voice, just like the makers and performers do in these performances.

Kom je er toch nog niet helemaal uit? Geen nood: stuur een mailtje naar en vraag om nadere toelichting. Vermeld de titel van de voorstelling en waar je graag meer duidelijkheid over wilt hebben (is dit iets om met mijn vriend/vriendin naartoe te gaan? het is misschien wel grappig maar toch niet vulgair? dat soort vragen). De programmeurs van het festival geven je dan persoonlijk het verlossende antwoord!