Symphony of 21


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    Grand Theatre

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    60 minutes

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    Future Need Noodzaak Role model

How do you dance together? 

After having spent months on their own, young people can now get together again. But what is being together? We live in a world where dancing together is no longer an ordinary activity. The desire to party, to touch each other and to celebrate life again, is great. Symphony of 21 returns with the last part of their trilogy. In this final piece our (heart)beat, vulnerability, intimacy and sensuality are central features.  

With constant music as a motor, the audience will be challenged to come on stage and, together with the dancers, will be brought into a hypnotic trance. Together we will form one large family for one evening. Let yourself be carried away through the space and feel the energy, because that’s something we missed!  

Symphony of 21 combines different European and African music influences. It’s an interactive dance performance in which boundaries of the body are blurred and where dance and spiritual experiences become one. The nightclub is considered a space where people experience self-expression and togetherness on the dance floor. During the pandemic this was considered a dangerous activity, but what will this experience be like after the crisis? This piece is all about the search for freedom and addiction to the beat. 


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No matter what: the future lies ahead of us. And we can influence what our future will be like. What is it you hope for the future? How do you contribute to this? And how do you relate to the future? Will we continue in the way we used to, when we leave the pandemic behind us, or will we radically change our behaviour?

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It’s important that our imagination makes it to the stage, especially now. It’s time to start thinking about how we want to continue after the pandemic, what we want to change and how we want to recover. How are we actually doing? And how are you doing? What is it we want to tell the world? And what does the world want to tell us? Which topics should be on the agenda?


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