Kaartverkoop - Jonge Harten

In 2022 Jonge Harten will take place from 18 till 26 of November. 

Box Office

Tickets for the Jonge Harten Theatre Festival (e-tickets) can be purchased online, on www.jongeharten.nl.  Your ticket can either be scanned from your smartphone, or you can bring a print-out of your ticket. Practically all tickets for shows at Jonge Harten offer a discount to visitors up to 29 years of age.


You can of course buy a single ticket for every Jonge Harten performance. But if you are having trouble on deciding which shows to see, or if the process is too stressful for you, we offer the perfect solution! Why don’t you purchase a Festival Ticket? A Festival Ticket provides access to a number of different performances, for a friendly price.

You decide which performances you want to see beforehand. These shows can be on the same day and in different locations. Please check the times for the start and end of the shows, to make sure that they can be combined.

A Festival Ticket is personal. The Festival Ticket allows you to book one ticket per show. Unfortunately you cannot visit Trojan Wars and TRACESGIVE ME DEATH OF GIVE ME FREEDOM, Amerika, LostWords, Atelier XYI, Monologues for nothing en Ogenschijnlijk Jong doen niet mee met de Festivaltickets with a Festival Ticket.

Now you can choose which performances you want. Put 3 or more  in your basket and score a discount! The discount will be calculated automatically. How much discount do you get? 50% of the total amount. Nice, right?

Corona access certificate
This year, the sale of Jonge Harten tickets will be based on the corona access certificate. This means that when you visit our festival, you must show a valid QR code and have your ID card to hand. You get a valid QR code by being vaccinated, handing over a negative corona test result or when you have a corona recovery certificate. We do this check on arrival at one of our festival locations.

We will also ask you some health questions at your arrival. If we doubt your health, we may refuse you access to one of our performances. In that case you will get a refund for the ticket at a later date. It may be busier than usual at the ticket check. So please come a little earlier, so we have plenty of time to let everyone in.

Are you not feeling too well, or are you sick and therefore can’t come? Send an email to tickets@jongeharten.nl and we will ensure that you receive a refund of the purchase amount.

If the regulations regarding the corona access certificate change in the near future, we as a festival will move along with this.

Returning Tickets
Purchased tickets can be returned or exchanged for other tickets up until 24 hours before the start of the show through tickets@jongeharten.nl. In your email, please state clearly which performance you want to return tickets for, and, if relevant, which show you want tickets for in exchange.

The program of Jonge Harten takes place at various locations throughout the city. We do our best to ensure that as many locations as possible are accessible to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee this. Are you unsure whether a location is accessible to you? Send an email to info@jongeharten.nl.

Contact Details
If you have a question regarding ticket sales, e-ticketing and placed orders, please send an email to tickets@jongeharten.nl. We will reply to your email as soon as possible!

During festival days you can also reach us on the following phone number, between 10 am and 9 pm: +31 (0)6 53 29 21 08. If you have a question regarding other matters, please send an email to info@jongeharten.nl or send us a message though social media.

Future is Coming

The subtitle of Jonge Harten 2022 Choose your battles

Shape it, be it, own it!