Theater Festival GroningenTheater Festival Groningen19 - 27 nov 2021

Jonge Harten

Jonge Harten is a nine day festival in Groningen that stages theatre, performances, dance and more. Its themes will often leave a lasting impression, and will challenge you to not always play things safe. The performances might make you feel uncomfortable and you can often relate to the topics, but they will always get a discussion going. Are you a spectator? No. You will experience the performances in any way you want. So, see you on November 19!

Next years edition from 19 till 27 of November

Even though Jonge Harten won’t be taking place this year, we remain hopeful for next year’s edition. Take good care of yourself and of each other.

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An alternative start

The festival cannot take place and yet all the energy we have put into it the last months will not be in vain. In the…