Theatre festival Groningen17-25 nov2017

Jonge Harten is a nine-day theatre festival that gives a stage to young theatre makers.

In practically all the different theatres (and some other great locations), in Groningen. Come and enjoy dance, music, expressive and physical theatre and other performances that will make you laugh, grab you by the throat or amaze you. Have a chat with us in the bar afterwards, drink a beer with the makers, or come and shake a leg at the heart of our festival. Wow! Will we be seeing you here?

We have a Day- ticket

Are you having a hard time deciding on which shows to see? If so, you might want to consider purchasing a day-ticket. A day-ticket allows you to see several performances per day for only € 15! (If you are over 29, you pay € 20).

Tickets on sale!

Aah, the tickets are available from now on

Language is not a problem!

Our international visitors are important to us, so all the performances and events that you will find on the English page of Jonge Harten are either in English, or language is not a problem!


Do you want to participate on forehand or during the festival? Nice, because we are still looking for volunteers! Register on and tell us what you would like to do.

Jonge Harten 20 years!

The festival will celebrate its 20th edition in 2017, and this promises to be an extraordinary celebration!


Blog / / by: Anna Dijk

Wil jij ook het Kapitalisme slaan met een honkbalknuppel?

#1 Jonge Harten Politiek verslaggever: op bezoek bij CLUB CLUB GEWALT 5.0 Punk #MeToo is nog niet voorbij of Sinterklaas is alweer in het land: politiek leeft, ook al bevindt de discussie zich soms op onverwachte plekken. Politiek leeft ook op Jonge Harten, het programma staat bomvol voorstellingen over maatschappelijke…

Blog / / by: Edwin Siebert

International Inquiries

An Interview with Anastasija Zihareva – International Intern at Jonge Harten On a cold dark November evening there is warmth and activity in the Groningen…

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Having a ball with… Milan

In the “Having a ball with …” series, you will learn the makers who perform this edition of Jonge Harten in a very personal way…

Vlog / / by: Jonge Harten

Having a ball with.. Koen & Hidde

In the “Having a Ball With …” series, you will get to know the theatre makers who play a part in this edition of Jonge…

Tickets for Jonge Harten
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