Theatre festival Groningen16-24 nov2018

Jonge Harten

Jonge Harten is a nine-day theatre festival in Groningen for curious minds, where you can get to know people and share special moments with friends, or enjoy a different kind of binge watching. The performances will take place in theatres and other locations that may be unknown to you until now.
Here, contemporary theatre makers will bring you up close to familiar situations. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then come and visit Jonge Harten!

Language is not a problem!

Our international visitors are important to us, so a part of our performances are in English or language is not a problem. On the right side of the performance you find the language of the play. You can also choose your language of preference in the viewing guide.


want to go to Clash? From 00:00 a ticket is €5,-


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