Theatre festival Groningen13- 21 nov2020

Jonge Harten

Jonge Harten is a nine-day festival in Groningen that stages theatre, performances, dance and more. Its themes will often leave a lasting impression, and will challenge you to not always play things safe. The performances might make you feel uncomfortable and you can often relate to the topics, but they will always get a discussion going. Are you a spectator? No. You will experience the shows in any way you want. So, see you on November 13!

Language is not a problem!

Our international visitors are important to us, so a part of our performances are in English or language is not a problem. On the right side of the performance you find the language of the play. You can also choose your language of preference in the viewing guide.


I dive into the same ocean twice

Studies have shown that almost one-third of stroke patients are left with aphasia. The language center in the brain is damaged. The patients know exactly…

If You’re Going To Try, Go All The Way

In inter-human relations, there is always a barely perceptible moment of interpretation. Be it a timid movement or an extremely loud scream, the output produced,…

News & updates

Marc Maris is our new general director!

Marc Maris (1987) is the new general director of foundation Jonge Harten, the organisation behind the annual Jonge Harten theatre-festival in Groningen. From the first…

We have a new festival heart!

Aah! We’re announcing the new location of our festival heart! This year you can find us at Oosterstraat 7A, here you will meet performers, meet…