Jonge Harten Theaterfestival
Postbus 1101
9701 BC Groningen

T 050-7370207

Questions about tickets: 06 559 21 949

KvK 02077809
BTW. 8112.40.769 (B.01)

Stationsplein 3
9726 AE Groningen

The office is situated above Starbucks at the Groningen CS train station. The entrance is at the side of the Groninger Museum, next to the Starbucks Terrace. Please call the office number as noted above if you would like to come and visit.

Festival centre

We have a festival heart!! You can either drop by for a chat, for a dance or a drink. For inquiries, you can turn to our information point that is also located here. You can also purchase tickets here. All very convenient! Location of the festival heart will be announced soon!

Stop by for some coffee or a drink!