20 years, a Party!

Jonge Harten celebrates her anniversary with 20 parties.

We throw multiple parties to show who we are, what we do, and what this year’s programme is! 😀 😀

#1 – ‘The activation party’ | The kick-off for all staff members and volunteers.
#2 – ‘The foam party’ | Student party after the performance ‘Skûmbek’.
#3 – ‘The Station Noord party’ | The first results of talent development platform Station Noord.
#4 – ‘The ambassadors party’ | reunion for former staff members of Jonge Harten.
#5 – ‘Kick-off party’ | festive opening of Jonge Harten’s 20 th edition.
#6 – ‘Missie Márquez party’ | Columbian benefit party after part 6,5 as preview of part 7, 8, and 9.

#7 – ‘De Nomaden’ | Jonge Harten gives away a performance worth watching (at de Vismarkt).
#8 – ‘A taste of’ | A preview of Sien Vanmaele’s food performance.
#9 – ‘One minute party’ | At the end of the performance the audience will be put in the spotlight.
#10 – ‘Laatste Generatie party’ | De Laatste Generatie are theatre designers from Kunstacademie Minerva.
#11 – ‘VIP party’ | A random person will be picked of the streets and receives a VIP night at the festival.

#12 – ‘Volunteers party’ | The non-mandatory party for every volunteer.
#13 – ‘The technician party’ | Long live the technicians! We’ll bring out all the lights and smoke machines.
#14 – ‘The theatre makers party’ | A party in de draaibar, where all focus is on theatre makers.
#15 – ‘Music party on the square’ | Orkater gives a preview of their performance ‘Julius Caesar’.
#16 – ‘Musical chairs’ | General director Marga Kroodsma switch places.
#17 – ‘The Twerkshop’ | Jonge Harten moves people.
#18 – ‘The Manifestation party’ | The Jonge Harten Movement after 9 days of theatre and a masterclass activism.
#19 – ‘Closing party’ | Final evening in cooperation with Clash, once originated as closing party of Jonge Harten.
#20 – ‘Farewell party’ | The staff members will be thanked for their work, a farewell to the interns and the general director.

Festival centre

This year the heart of our festival is located at Oosterstraat 7A, behind the Grand Theatre (in the back of the alley). It is both the heart of the festival, as well as its central meeting point. You can either drop by for a chat, for a dance or a drink. For inquiries, you can turn to our information point that is also located here. You can also purchase tickets here. All very convenient!

The café will open its doors every day at 5 pm, and at 3 pm in the weekend. You can enjoy a festival menu here between 5 and 8 pm.

Stop by for some coffee or a drink!