Céline disarms - Jonge Harten

Céline disarms

Sebastiaan Rodenhuis

Author: Sebastiaan Rodenhuis

The theme of Jonge Harten 2022 is disarmament. Arming ourselves, we all do it from time to time.

But why and when? And do we realize it ourselves? For Jonge Harten, Sebastian portrayed young people who are each disarming in their own way, and then asked them the question, “What weapons do you ever deploy?”

Céline: ”I know that I am powerful in my vulnerability. My strongest weapon is being able to set my boundaries. I prefer to withdraw. I stay silent or walk away from the situation. But if I feel confident, I like to make a joke.”

Jonge Harten 2024

Jonge Harten 2024 Will be from 15th - 23rd of November.

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