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Young Hearts 2022 = disarmament
Choose your battles!

There is less and less room in our society today to fail and try again. Everything has to be right the first time. That means that we always stay strong and armed. Literally and figuratively. For everything we do. In a society where vulnerability and doubt are given less and less space, we as Jonge Harten DO want to create this place. We create performances and art, but also the place. Literally or in the form of a conversation. We challenge you to enter this place unarmed. Without taking sides. Without fear. Without proof. But out of curiosity.
And compassion. Because we be convinced that the society better off is becoming. Choose your battles!

The program, what is the best way to read it?
It is important to us that the voice of the young person (YOUR VOICE) is heard. That is why all performances (including FIELD, STAGE) are performances in which the young person’s perspective is given a stage. And in which the theme of disarmament is central. We cut in
our program addresses vulnerable themes such as; hopeless psychological suffering, losing control, longing for something to hold on to, falling, but above all showing resilience, starting a revolution and wanting to move forward.

So what is FIELD and STAGE?
Within FIELD you can see performances in which makers can be seen who have just graduated or who are developing their own creative skills alongside the company they play for.

Within STAGE you see performances in which young, non-professional players play in a professional context.

And the in-depth program?
With our in-depth program you will achieve a broader perspective. We talk philosophically about melancholy, such as with the TALK by Joke Hermsen. But we also roll up our sleeves, such as with the dance workshops of 155 and De Dansers. Sacha Zwiers gives a scenography workshop and you get started using time and timing with the workshop of Laila Claessen.



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