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Jonge Harten Theatrefestival 2022 is coming and we are looking for you! The Crew Member that makes our festival better than ever.

In the week of 18 to 26 November you can become part of the Jonge Harten Crew as a public guide. Together with our team you will make the festival. 

But that’s only the beginning…

Because it is time to meet, to watch, to experience and to enjoy.

Start your day off right during the Get a Breakfast, continue by letting it all go at the yoga session, visit awesome performances and end the day dancing like nobody’s watching in the festivalhart. In addition, there are many more crew activities, including the Jonge Harten meet & greet where you can learn more about the the festival!

What’s in it for you?

  • A unique look behind the scenes of the Jonge Harten organization 
  • Lots of theater! A free ticket to a performance of your choice, with the possibility of attending performances that are not yet sold out
  • Amazing crew activities. For example yoga sessions, joint breakfasts, crew opening night and more…
  • Your own Jonge Harten T-shirt & Totebag
  • Every day after-shift-drink in the Festivalhart.
  • An expansion of your network in Groningen in a short period time
  • A clear briefing before your first shift so you know exactly what is expected of you during the shifts
  • 9 days a Festivalhart to meet each other, have a drink or just to relax.

What do we need from you?

  • You are enthusiastic to make a great edition of Jonge Harten 2022 
  • You are enthusiastic to participate in the crew activities
  • You are available at least 3 times 3 hours during the festival to help us as an audience guide
  • You are between 15 and 29 years old

Is your jonge heart also beating faster from this?

Apply now! 

Any questions? 

Send your question to crew@jongeharten.nl

Jonge Harten 2023

Jonge Harten 2023 Will be from 17th - 25th of November.

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