No man’s land - Jonge Harten

No man’s land

Girls in Woods

  • Admission

    < 29 years € 12,50
    > 29 years € 17,50

  • Duration

    90 minutes

  • Important

    The language of this performance in Dutch

  • Location


  • Credits

    Tekst Marjet Moorman |  Regie Nina Sondagh | Spel Julie Boellaard, Simone Giel & Bodine Sutorius | Dramaturgie Melissa Knollenburg | Muziek Scott Beekhuizen | Decor & lichtontwerp Vasilis Apostolatos | Kostuums Caterina Pavan | Productie Tristan Esajas & Sanaz Rastad | Techniek Hessel Hilgersom | Educatie Josje Bruinsma | Vormgeving PR Renée Mes | Campagnebeeld Nina Sondagh | Marketing & PR Maayke Grootscholten | Stage marketing & PR Denise Duarte | scène foto’s Milan Tettero | Regie en montage teaser Lotte Salomons | Cinematografie teaser Judith Boeschoten | Artistieke & zakelijke leiding Girls in Woods 

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    Textual Theater

No man’s land is a spectacular, cinematic trip into an urban jungle.

The roof of a towering apartment building, in the middle of the night, in a metropolis. Three completely different young women have escaped from the world beneath them. They want no more. No more performing, no more being perfect, no more fitting in.

Together they form a secret society around the legend of a girl who disappeared on the roof years ago; they fantasize a parallel world; full of dangerous rituals, radical honesty and togetherness. Slowly, escapism takes over from reality. Can they still go back? Do they still want to go back?


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