Person Longing for Human - Jonge Harten

Person Longing for Human

Charles Pas

  • Admission

    < 29 years € 12,50
    > 29 years € 17.50

  • Duration

    60 minutes

  • Location

    Grand Theatre 

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    Dance physical theater

A visual performance about longing, the yearning for an all-consuming unification and where you are also left battered.

We are in, and storming toward, great crises. As everything shifts, becomes more uncertain and nothing is what it seems, there is a hyper focus on love. Desire is the driving force in Charles Pas’ new visual dance performance Person Longing for Human. Three performers pursue desire in all its various forms. Dreaming of complete fusion and self-preservation, they explore the richness of love.

In a lustful choreography, the body is continuously possessed by Eros. A quest where both pain and happiness are felt simultaneously.

The battlefield of Person Longing for Human finds a plea for the unarmored approach to heady love and life. Why go into battle when you know in advance that you will be left broken?


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