Jonge Harten 2023 has as its mindset Stay with the trouble - Jonge Harten

Jonge Harten 2023 has as its mindset Stay with the trouble

Jonge Harten is a nine-day festival for young people filled with theater, performance, dance, workshops and more in Groningen. At Jonge Harten, theater makers set the agenda. Not politicians, scientists or multinationals, as happens at so many other places. Together they give their view of the future. But they cannot shape it without young people; after all, they are the future. That's why at Young Hearts you are invited to see yourself as the creator of your own life and make your voice heard.

The mindset of Jonge Harten 2023 is stay with the trouble. An invitation to you to pause at times when things are difficult or challenging. To stop thinking immediately in terms of solutions, but rather to examine what you are experiencing. In this way you will see that movement will start automatically and you will see possibilities you had not thought of before.

The program, what is the best way to read it?

It is important to us that the voice of the young person (YOUR VOICE) is heard. Therefore, all performances (including FIELD, STAGE) are performances in which the young person’s perspective is given a stage. And in which the mindset stay with the trouble is central.

What is FIELD?

Within the FIELD program you will see performances in which makers can be seen who have just graduated or are developing their own makerhood alongside the company they play for. Within FIELD you can also develop your own makerhood in the master classes.

What is STAGE?

Within STAGE you see performances in which young, non-professional players play in a professional context. Part of STAGE is that we make our own performance with young people in 1 day. This you can see at 20.30 h. in the Stadsschouwburg.


On most nights there is an AFTER in the Festival Heart. AFTERS are free to attend, and may include an AFTERPARTY, AFTERTALK, or a performance. We partner with Noordstaat for much of the programming in the Festival Heart. This is the place in the North where upcoming and starting (hip-hop) artists accelerate and grow in their talent.


These are components in the program that are interactive. This can be a workshop or an installation.

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