We have been nominated for the Groningen Culture Prize amateur art ! - Jonge Harten

We have been nominated for the Groningen Culture Prize amateur art !

It was announced on July 14 that Jonge Harten is one of three nominees for the Groningen Culture Award in the amateur art category. On October 6, the winner will be announced!
Jonge Harten is a professional theater festival for and with young people in which we address and exchange what is on their minds. For nine days every year in November you will find our program in Groningen city and surrounding area.
Besides presenting theater performances by professional theater makers to young people in the theater and at schools, we also have an education and context program in which young people are allowed to experiment. Here you will find mainly workshops and master classes in which young people can participate themselves. On the last day of the festival there is a STAGE day, where young people themselves get the stage and can show each other what they have to say. During these program elements, these young people, who did not know each other before, become a tight community.
We have built a community of young people, about seventy of whom are involved as volunteers during the festival. In this way, Jonge Harten is committed to young people in various ways and provides a place for them to meet and tell their stories.

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