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Jonge Harten is looking for writers!

Do you enjoy writing, would you like to develop your writing skills, and don’t you mind a small theatre bingewatch? Then join the Jonge Harten blog!

In seven sessions, before the festival starts, we will make a Jonge Harten blogger out of you. You will be part of the editorial team during the festival (from 15 – 23 November). You will interview theatre makers, talk to visitors and visit a lot of performances. And of course your articles will be published on the Jonge Harten Blog.

English and Dutch
This year we will write both English and Dutch blog posts! But there is only one blog group. You can write in the language you feel most comfortable in. This means that both English and Dutch are spoken in the blog meetings. But we will make sure we all understand each other. 😉

Practical information
The meetings take place weekly from October 1st, Tuesday evenings from 19.30 until 21.00. The total costs are €65 for 7 professional lessons, and include performances and dinner during the festival.

Interested? Or would you like more information? Send an email to lies@jongeharten.n

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