THE DATING PROJECT: What is Love? - Jonge Harten


Dan Mussett

  • Admission

    < 29 years € 12,50
    > 29 years € 17.50

  • Duration

    80 minutes

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  • Credits

    Concept, scripting and direction: Dan Mussett | Technical concept and app development: Vincent Van Dijck | Scripting and dramaturgy: Barbara T’Jonck | Scripting and social media: Bianca Zueneli | Graphic Design: Michael Strebel | Executive Production: wpZimmer | Co-production: Europalia Arts Festival, KAAP,Stormopkomst, De Studio, Brakke Grond, C-takt, BOZAR. | Supported by: Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, City of Antwerp, Flemish Government Activiteiten Premie | With thanks to: Tuning People, GRIP, Andreas Fleck, Zehra Proch, Pauline Scharmann, Rubina Pabani, Laurent Delom, MAXLab, CREATIE, Beatrice Peadrini and all the participants who have taken part in the many, many try-outs. 


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    interactive theater

What is Love?

What is Love? is a performative roleplaying game that invites a group of strangers to re-enact situations of love, lust and loneliness, temporarily forming a flash mob of modern day screen-bent lovers disrupting the mundanity of public space. From trying to guess the inner-workings of the heart of a passer-by, to leaving a trail of post-it notes for an unknown beloved, to pretending to be in the middle of a fully-fledged breakup, the performance oscillates between the visible and the invisible, from actions which blend seamlessly into the fabric of normal, everyday life, to those that seem almost artificial, surreal, uncanny.

Blending hyper-scripted fictionalized encounters with honest, intimate moments in which participants are prompted to confess their own attitudes and experiences towards love, What is Love? is a game in manipulation, begging the question as to how far everyday life can be transformed by technology and how far our hearts can be controlled by the nudging force of a smartphone that resides in each of our pockets. 


“This performance is like a praline you gift yourself while dieting. Treat yourself to this little disarming adventure, you will come back from it with a smile.” – Gregory | curator Jonge Harten

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