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Jonge Harten believes that theatre connects people and that it opens up discussions (no matter how big or small the topics are). That is what drives us to do this. A young team of people create the festival, which includes theatre makers as well as you. Because we form the future together and we can make a difference.

Choose your battles

Disarmament: unfortunately, the main theme of the Jonge Harten Festival 2022 couldn’t be more relevant. War, conflict, climate change and an unquenchable desire for growth have led to the world being an unsafe place for many. These subjects plainly reveal the challenges of ‘our times’. It’s up to us to find answers and solutions. Will we defend or accept the situation we’re in? And will we adapt to the unavoidable reality that things will need to change?

In the past year the desire for disarmament has been everywhere: in conversations, in the news and on the streets. We heard stories about fear of weapons and violence, as well as fear of being vulnerable. We want to act against this and create a safe space where people can express their vulnerability and where we can start letting go of our defense mechanisms. So that we can approach others unarmed.

Choose your battles’ is our sub-title. It’s an invitation for you to focus on those things that are truly important to you and that are necessary in your life, and to decide on how you will face this challenge.

Disarmament: we’re in it together 

There’s a fear of violence. At the same time there’s the fear of being vulnerable, of expressing the feeling of firm ground turning into quicksand. So it’s time to disarm: to ‘dispose of weapons, or to make vulnerable’, as the dictionary says.

It’s time to lay down our weapons, both literally and figuratively speaking. It’s time to start meeting each other again, to feel safe, to be moved by things, to find time to relax and to experience positive feelings. It’s time to feel a true and equal connection with others; to feed the soul and discover new perspectives. What better way to do this than by going to the theatre and meeting people.

Disarmed programming 

The programme of this year’s edition will embrace the subject of disarmament. Our two main guests, the makers Mohamed Yusuf Boss and Alexandra Broeder, will focus on this theme, as well as the many other makers at the festival. The performances include the following themes: hopeless mental suffering, starting a revolution, losing control, longing for a foothold, but also falling and showing resilience. Jonge Harten 2022 is not just about seeing a theatre performance; it’s about taking part in the theatre. You can, for instance, take part in a thought experiment about the future.

Necessity, future and role models
In addition to disarmament, the themes of the future, role models and necessity will also be reflected in the programming.

Especially now

It’s important that our imagination makes it to the stage, especially now. It’s time to start thinking about how we want to continue after the pandemic, what we want to change and how we want to recover. How are we actually doing? And how are you doing? What is it we want to tell the world? And what does the world want to tell us? Which topics should be on the agenda?

All voices count

Everyone has a voice, different opinions, and views, either from an early age, or they might still be in development. We need courage to speak up and to be heard. We need courage, not only to listen to other people’s opinions, but also to receive them. To think about them. To appreciate others who share their opinions. And when we speak up, this doesn’t mean that we can no longer be vulnerable or sensitive, because this vulnerability makes us strong.

Role models

Who are you a role model for? And how do you want to convey your message? Who are your role models? And whose voices should be heard, according to you? Allow our (theatre) makers to guide you in finding your voice and speaking up. Let them be a role model for you during our festival and be inspired.

PS If you want to participate, collaborate or if you just want to have a good conversation, you’re always welcome! Check out the possibilities here or send us an email:




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