About Jonge Harten


Jonge Harten believes that theatre connects people and that it opens up discussions (no matter how big or small the topics are). That is what drives us to do this. A young team of people create the festival, which includes theatre makers as well as you. Because we form the future together and we can make a difference.

Without judgement

Our ideal future is a future where judgements are delayed. Because how damn important are just our own opinions? Let us recognize ourselves in other people and in performances, but let’s also acknowledge that in many cases we are totally different from each other. Let’s celebrate this freedom and diversity; let’s embrace it and snuggle up to it! Let’s accept the discomfort that results from ‘being different’. And let’s laugh about it occasionally. We should laugh about it. But it’s especially important that we talk about it. Let’s do that in Groningen together, because Groningen is not the end of the world, it’s the beginning.

More than just being a spectator

Theatre is about more than just being a spectator, because we don’t just use our eyes in the theatre. Theatre is an EXPERIENCE, and how to use your senses during this experience, is completely up to you. That is why everyone’s experience in the theatre is different. And that’s a good thing! Just so you know.

Jonge Harten presents theatre that isn’t always ‘fun’, but it will certainly encourage you to reflect on things. The performances can make you feel uncomfortable, which also means that you can relate to the topics. The performances will display the world in all its different colours, and this will encourage you to form your own personal view of this world.

Dive in deeper

This EXPERIENCE is about more than just attending a performance. After all, we are a festival, so there’s a lot more on offer. Stay a bit longer after the show, and join us for one of the Awkward Aftertalks, where we further discuss the show together with an actor or director. Here you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, or you can just sit back and listen. 

Theatre is for you!

Theatre is not just suitable for one type of person. We believe that theatre is for everybody, regardless of age, descent, education, sexual preferences, gender, political views, or anything else you can think of. Everybody is welcome and everybody is entitled to his or her own experiences.

PS If you want to participate, collaborate or if you just want to have a good conversation, you’re always welcome! Check out the possibilities here or send us an email: info@jongeharten.nl.




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