R... .U.. ..I. …S - Jonge Harten

R… .U.. ..I. …S

HKU / IPD kwartet

  • Admission

    € 2,50

  • Important information

    R… .U.. ..I. …S uses flickering light, for people with hypersensitivity to light and light flashes this may not be a suitable experience.

  • Language

    Some parts of the performance will be in Dutch

  • Location

    De Nieuwe Kerk

  • Credits

    Makers Fabian Baauw, Tessa van Kooten, Dajo Malfliet & Lars Pubben (Interactive Performance Design 4) | Met dank aan HKU theater, Nieuwe Kerk Groningen: Tirtsa Liefting & Evert Jan Veldman, Anushka Chkheidze, Mannes Hofsink, Cantorij van de Nieuwe Kerk, Jonge Harten | Coaching Marcel Dolman, Guido Jansen & Anne de Veij.

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    DEEPENING interactive theater

R… .U.. ..I. …S

Do you remember that very first time you, balled your fists. Or the moment you first stood on the barricades to protest? Victories manifest themselves in many ways, from the most intimate personal stories to global events. But how often do you dwell on these milestones? Do you take a moment to reflect on them? And more importantly, do you celebrate them? Step inside this interactive experience and let your mind wander to your, your, our victories. They may be as modest or exuberant as you wish. Just as the light cannot exist without the dark, victory is nothing without the struggle. Share, listen, dance, stand still and celebrate. Through a symphony of sounds, images and light, together we celebrate your, your, our victories.

R… .U.. ..I. …S is the graduation project of the IPD Quartet, year 4.

They are storytellers at the interface of (experiential) theater, interaction and technology. For the first part of their graduation, they were given the opportunity to fly out to Groningen and further develop their makership under the wings of Jonge Harten.

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